Pro-lift easily moves HVAC units across rooftops.

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During this recession, every industry has had to cut back on expenses- whether for new equipment or employees. One cost-cutting tool now available to the HVAC industry is an HVAC dolly that cuts down on large crane costs and increases productivity rates.

The Pro-Lift B1230 is a two-piece lift that can move up to 1,500 pounds; it is so lightweight one person can move it on their own. The patent-pending tool allows HVAC installers to bid less because the Pro-Lift cuts out the need of a large crane.

"Normally, we are able to do the job for less than half than if we used a larger crane," said Jim Myhaver, manager of Pronto Crane, LLC.

Myhaver, who owns four Pro-Lifts, attributed a 25 percent increase in his business to purchasing the lifts. According to Myhaver, his company is able to save his customers quite a bit of money by using the lift to install HVACs instead of opting for a large crane.

"It's a great tool to increase our business and save us money at the same time," Myhaver said.

The Pro-Lift B1230 uses lightweight aircraft aluminum to support the HVAC and adjustable support bars to make lifting easy. With the Pro-Lift, HVAC can be set on the curb of the roof and then easily moved to the desired location because nothing extends underneath the A/C unit. If the item as a flat side, Pro-Lift can move it.

The Pro-Lift B1230 won Silver-Second place in the Tools category of the 2006 Dealer Design Awards program, sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine.